A book by Kevin I. Slaughter, with texts by Lillian H. Udell.

About the Author

Kevin I. Slaughter is an archivist and publisher, specializing in forgotten and neglected works, generally of a subversive nature. Through his publishing house Underworld Amusements and his research project Union of Egoists, he has published well over a hundred books, booklets, and more. The Radical Book Shop of Chicago  is his first authored book.

Kevin has made a particular effort to revive the writing of two men who were both poets and journalists: Philadelphia born, New York transplant Benjamin DeCasseres (1873–1945); and New Zealand born, Chicago transplant Arthur Desmond (1859–1929). Over the past dozen years he has ushered into print dozens of lost or neglected works by the two men, and also produced new research on their lives and writing.

When not mining the past for dissident and heretical treasures, Kevin is a working stiff, a gardener, and dachshund wrangler.